Grades 1-2 Sample Fraction Bars Activity Sheets
For each lesson in the Grades 1-2 Fraction Bars Teacher's Guide there are two activity sheets in the Grades 1-2 Fraction Bars Teacher Resource Package. The tops of many activity sheets have an explanation or example that connects to the Fraction Bars model from the games and activities in the Teacher's Guide. Four sample Grade 1 activity sheets and four sample Grade 2 activity sheets have been selected for the topics shown below.

Basic Concepts (Grade 1)

Equality (Grade 1)

Fractions (Grade 1)

Fractions for Region (Grade 1)

Grade1 Sample cover







Inequality (Grade 2)

Fractions for Collections (Grade 2)

Building Number Line (Grade 2)

Measuring Length (Grade 2)


Grade2 Sample cover