Grades 1-2 Fraction Bars Teacher's Guide & Teacher Resource Package
Table of Contents for Grades 1-2 Guide Introduction to Teaching Fractions in Grades 1-2 Fractionbars Teachers Guide Grades 1 to 2 Cover
Grades 1-2 Sample Lessons Fraction Bars Material for Grades 1-2

Fraction Bars Games for Grades 1-2

Grades 1-2 Fraction Bars Teacher Resource Package
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The Grades 1-2 Fraction Bars Teacher's Guide is specifically designed for teaching fractions at these grade levels. Grade 1 has the topics: basic concepts, equality, fractions for regions, and story problems. Grade 2 has the topics: basic concepts, equality, fraction for regions, inequality, story problems, fractions for collections, number lines, and measureing. All program components, such as Fraction Bars, games, activity mats, and activity sheets are referenced at point-of-use in each step. The Grades 1-2 Teacher Resource Package has two Activity Sheets for each lesson in theTeacher's Guide.

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