End of Workshop
Place a transparency of fractionbars.com on the overhead. Note that this site has detailed information on the three different Teacher's Guides and 16 challenging and enjoyable Interactive Computer Games for students. Included in the three Teacher's Guides files are siggestions for using the Teacher's Resource Packages for the various grade levels and samples of some of the worksheets. Another feature of this site is the new Fraction Bars Glasses, and there is an applet with questions that can be answered by filling these glasses. The menu in the hexagons at the top of the Home Page has links to several files including: Brief overview of Fraction Bars Operations; NCTM Standards statements that concern fractions; Reproducible Materials; Suggestions for using writing activities for helping students learn about fractions; Videos of elementary school students learning fractions; 22 Instructional videos; and for those of you who might want to give a workshop in the use of Fractions Bars there is a complete set of instructions and masters for presenting a workshop.
Workshop Handout
Teachers always appreciate a handout of materials that will enable them to begin implementing some of the ideas from the workshop in the next meeting of their classes. Here are some suggestions for the content of the handout: (1) The rules for the games used for this workshop; (2) the sheet of Blank Fraction Bars and the six activity sheets designed for the blank bars; (3) black and white Fraction Bars masters for the twelfths family of bars; and (4) a sheet of miscellaneous information including your mailing address and/or your e-mail address, and information for ordering Fraction Bars materials (see next paragraph).
If funds are available to supply teachers with Fraction Bars materials, one item at the top of the list is a deck of bars for each teacher. The next items of importance are the Fraction Bars Teacher’s Guides, a set of game mats, and the Teacher Resource Packages. The ideal set of materials for each teacher is one of the Fraction Bars Classroom Centers (Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4, Grades 5-8) which includes all the materials necessary for classroom implementation of the Fraction Bars Program.
Display Table
Some teachers will appreciate a chance to see the Fraction Bars materials, such as the three different Teacher's Guides (Grades1-2, Grades 3-4, and Grades 5-8), game mats, worksheets, etc. Mention that they are welcome to look at these items and ask questions following the workshop.
Some teachers will want information on ordering Fraction Bars materials. One source from which you can obtain catalogs is Scott Resources, Inc., 401 Hickory Street, P.O. Box 2121, Fort Collins, Co, 80522. Tel: 1-800-2899299 or 970-4847445. Fax 970-4841198. Catalogs can be left by the door or on the display Table.
Quotations from Math Educators
Fractions is one of the most difficult subjects for students to learn and there have been many recommendations and suggestions from research on learning fractions to help teachers in their instruction. Select quotations from the following mathematics educators to include in the Workshop Handout and/or to conclude this workshop.