Grades 3-4 Fraction Bars Teacher's Guide

Sample Lessons Grades 3-4

3 to 4 inside pagesThe Grades 3-4 Fraction Bars Teacher's Guide contains lessons for each of the following topics:

Fraction Terminology; Equality; Common Denominators; Inequality; Fractions for Collections; Word Problems; Number Lines; Measurement; Fractions-Decimals-Percents; Addition; Subtraction; Multiplying by Fractions; Probability and Predictions. Each lesson consists of two facing pages headed by the purpose and materials required.

The main component of each lesson is TEACHER MODELING/STUDENT COMMUNICATION (instruction and student activities) and is followed by INDEPENDENT PRACTICE (activity sheets and interactive computer games). Under separate cover is the Grades 3-4 Fraction Bars Teacher Resource Package that includes Activity Sheets for each lesson and two Performance Tests. Samples of the first pages of two-page lessons from the Grades 3-4 Teacher's Guide are linked below for each of the following six topics.


Fraction Terminology



Fractions for Collections