Preparation and Materials
Materials for Workshop Tables
Ideally the teachers should be at flat-top tables in groups of two or four. Place the following materials on each table for each pair of teachers: a deck of Fraction Bars and a deck of Fraction Bars Playing Cards; a Bingo&5-Bars/Small Step Race mat an 8-Bars/Capture mat; several sheets of Blank Fraction Bars; a handful of game markers and a die. The table for each group of four teachers might look similar to the one shown in the following photo.
Materials for Workshop Demonstrations
An overhead projector is suggested for this workshop. The following items will be useful: a set of transparent Fraction Bars overhead water-base markers extra blank sheets of transparency and transparencies of game directions research results and quotations. Masters for all transparencies occur throughout this outline of the workshop but for ease of reproduction are also contained in the Overhead Workshop Masters file. It is convenient but not necessary to use the Fraction Bars Transparency Holder for the transparent bars. This can be placed on a tripod or chalk rail near the projector. The following workshop photo shows equality of fractions being illustrated. The Fraction Bars Transparency Holder can be seen in the foreground.
Display Table of Fraction Bars Materials
It will be helpful to have a Display Table in the front of the room with Fraction Bars materials for the grade levels of interest by the teachers. As examples: one of the three Fraction Bars Teacher's Guides (grades 1-2 grades 3-4 or grades 5-8); one of the three Teacher Resource Packages (grades 1-2 grades 3-4 or grades 5-8); etc. During the workshop you may want to refer to some of these items. Another item for the Display Table that would show all the materials for the grade levels of interest is one of the Fraction Bars Classroom Centers (grades 1-2 grades 3-4 or grades 5-8).