Small Step Race (equality addition multiplication).
Materials: Fraction Bars Small Step mat and markers for each group or pair of students.
Place a transparent mat for Small Step Race on the overhead and illustrate two or three moves by selecting transparent bars and moving the marker according to the shaded amounts of the bars. For example the marker on the mat below has been moved 10 steps for a red bar with 5 shaded parts (5/6 bar). Ask each group to spread their bars face down and note that players take turns selecting a bar of any color and moving their markers until one player reaches the Finish or goes beyond.

After the game discuss the concepts involved: equality and specifically equality comparing bars to the orange bars. Ask what strategies the players used. For example some may have kept track of the types of bars that were selected to help them decide on what colors to choose. Others may have preferred to begin with the green bars since 2 of the 3 green bars are half or more than half shaded.

The student in the following photo has selected a yellow bar with 2 our of 3 parts shaded and is counting out 8 steps on the Small Step mat.