Grades 5-8 Fraction Bars Items

Each of the following items is described below and is available separately.

The Grades 5-8 Fraction Bars Teacher's Guide contains complete information for teaching fraction. There are 5-6 steps for each of the following eight topics: basic concepts; equality; inequality; addition; subtraction; multiplication; division; and a final topic called Fractions-Decimals-Percents. Each step or lesson is conveniently placed on two facing pages, and all program components such as worksheets, games and materials are referenced at the point-of-use in each step. Over 30 games for use with Fraction Bars and Fraction Playing Cards are contained at the end of this guide. Also at the end of the Guide are black and white masters to accompany some of the lessons. 5to8 FB Guide
Each set of 49 plastic washable Fraction Bars contains the following types of bars: halves with 2 equal parts (green); thirds with 3 equal parts (yellow); fourths with 4 equal parts (blue); fifths with 5 equal parts (purple); sixths with 6 equal parts (red); tenths with 10 equal parts (white); and twelfths with 12 equal parts (orange). Fraction Bars are used for the activities and games in the teacher's guide. Some teachers like to letter the backs of the bars, one deck with letter A, another deck with letter B, etc. to help in sorting the bars in case they become mixed.
Each of the 49 Fraction Bars Playing Cards is color-coded to correspond to a Fraction Bar and contains a fraction and its name. The colored numeral on the playing card indicates the number of shaded parts and the total number of parts in the corresponding bar and provides for a gradual transition from the Fraction Bars model to the use of fraction symbols. As with the decks of bars, it helps to letter the back of the cards for sorting purposes, one deck with letter A, another with B, etc.
The Grades 5-8 Fraction Bars Teacher Resource Package correlates directly with the eight sections in the Grades 5-8 Teacher's Guide. Each section of the package contains Reproducible Worksheets, Performance Objectives, and Performance Tests. An Achievement Test at the end of the worksheets provides evaluation of all eight sections of the program. This test can be used to determine placement in the program or as assessment once the worksheets are completed.
There are 49 colored Fraction Bars Transparencies. There is a transparency corresponding to each plastic Fraction Bar. The transparencies can be used for teacher or student demonstrations of fraction equalities, inequalities, and the four basic operations on fractions. Fraction Bars Materials
FracBarHolder One method for organizing the transparencies for classroom demonstrations and storage is to use the Fraction Bars Transparency Holder.
The Fraction Bars Activity Mats are all the mats necessary for games and activities in the Grades 5-8 Fraction Bars Teacher's Guide. The complete set includes 15 Fraction Bingo/5-Bars mats on one side and 15 Small Step Race mats on back, 15 8-Bars mats on one side and 15 Capture mats on back, 7 Number Lines Mats, and 7 Dots Mats for ratios on one side and 7 Tower of Bars on the other. The activities and games for these mats help to provide for a gradual nonthreatening transition from the concrete level to the use of symbols and rules for computing with fractions.
SpinMarkersDice Regular six-sided dice are available in packages of seven and 200 game markers are packages on punch-out sheets of cardstock in four colors. Four-colored spinners with fractions are used for several games including the game for ratios on the Dots mat.