Workshop Activities
The following 11 steps are intended to involve teachers in games and activities that will provide them with ideas they can immediately implement in their classrooms. These steps have been placed in order, but each is independent so that individual steps, or the games and activities within them, can be used in any order. Most of the steps have both games and activities to illustrate specific fraction topics and you can make selections based on time constraints, needs of teachers, and your preferences.
The workshop is designed to be carried out with an overhead. Transparencies for the games and activities can be made from Overhead Masters for Workshop, and transparent Fraction Bars can be obtained or produced from the abbreviated set of Fraction Bars masters.
1. Introduction to Fraction Bars
2. 5-Bars and Fraction Bingo (equality)
3. Concepts Before Symbols (8 major topics)
4. Small Step Race (equality, addition, multiplication)
5. Super FRIO (inequality)
6. Capture (subtraction)
7. Equations Game (all four operations)
8. Names/Games Chart and Tournaments
9. Fractions and Operations
10. Linear Model - Number Lines
11. End of Fraction Bars Workshop